Nov 29, 2022
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Several weeks ago, Ukrainian refugees who made it to Israel celebrated their newfound freedom on Passover. Passover is a holiday that celebrates the liberation of the ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt – an especially meaningful event for Ukrainian Jews who also fled oppression in the form of a complete war zone in their native land.

But the Passover story is only the beginning of the redemptive process for the Jewish people. The pinnacle of the Passover story occurred when the Jewish people received the bible on Mount Sinai. 

Today, that monumental event in Jewish history is celebrated as Shavuot (Festival of Weeks).

For Jewish Ukrainians fleeing the war, this marks the first time they will be able to experience the Shavuot holiday in Israel. 

This also makes this year’s Shavuot an especially meaningful one, just like Passover was.

But celebrating Shavuot will be a challenge if they don’t even have food to eat. Unfortunately, food insecurity is a real problem among the Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Israel with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

That’s why the Meir Panim social organization is stepping up. Meir Panim has established Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens across Israel for those suffering from food insecurity – among them Ukrainian refugees. With the daily influx of these refugees, the charitable organization has stepped into high gear providing for the needs of Israel’s weaker classes – among them, Ukrainian Jews. 

Their important work of feeding those who need food is essential. But it is also funded by private donors who care about Israel.

That’s why the organization is asking that friends of Israel worldwide who want to celebrate Shavuot in a special way do so by donating to this holy cause.

That means that now is your chance to help a Ukrainian refugee celebrate  Shavuot on a full stomach. Donate to Meir Panim today.