According Israel Harel, head of the Institute for Zionist Strategy, the situation in Israel’s capital today would be different if the Six Day War had resulted in the liberation of the Temple Mount.

VOI’s Josh Hasten is joined by Harel, a paratrooper who helped liberate Jerusalem in 1967 and a recipient of this year’s Lion of Zion Lifetime Achievement Award from the Moskowitz Foundation. He says that if the focus of the historic battle for Jerusalem had been the importance of the liberation of the Temple Mount, instead of the Western Wall, both Jews and Arabs today might be acknowledging Israel’s rights to the holy site.

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Then, Josh is joined by VOI Knesset insider Jeremy Saltan, who details the current battles in the Knesset over the allowed number of ministers. While Likud is hoping for at least 20 — a desire that appears realistic — opposition parties say they would rather have new elections than earmark additional funds for more ministries. Saltan also calls attention to how outspoken recently resigned Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has become, now that he is a member of the opposition.