Nov 29, 2022

Middle East

The history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times, with the geopolitical importance of the region being recognized for millennia. It is very diverse when it comes to religions, many of which originated there. Islam is the largest religion in the Middle East, but other faiths that originated there, such as Judaism and Christianity, are also well represented. 

The Middle East is a region spanning the vast majority of Western Asia and all of Egypt. Some of the countries there include Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Turkey.

Throughout its history the Middle East has been a major center of world affairs; a strategically, economically, politically, culturally, and religiously sensitive area.

The region is one of the regions where agriculture was independently discovered, because of such dry land.

One of the most visited holy places in the Middle East is Dome of the Rock located in Jerusalem.

When you take the field against your enemies, and see horses and chariots—forces larger than yours—have no fear of them, for Hashem your God, who brought you from the land of Egypt, is with you.