Nov 29, 2022

Lone Star Podcast

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A rabbi and a pastor walk into a radio studio… One is an orthodox Jewish rabbi, one is an evangelical Christian pastor. One lives in Israel, one lives in Texas – the world’s two “Lone Star States.” And… one is a Redskins fan, one is a Cowboys fan.

Spend a few minutes each week learning how the timeless truth of the Bible intersects with today’s headlines. Join Rabbi Dov Lipman and Pastor Trey Graham each week for a podcast that will expand your mind and encourage your soul.

Pastor Trey Graham is an author, speaker, radio host and Senior Pastor of First Melissa, a vibrant independent church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and military veteran, Pastor Graham is the host of “Faith Walk with Trey Graham” and “Smart Talk with Trey Graham,” radio shows heard on KWRD 100.7 FM in Dallas/Fort Worth. Pastor Graham is the founder of “Israel By The Book,” a Christian ministry dedicated to Israel and the Book whose mission is to bless the people and land of Israel by studying, following and teaching the Book, God’s Word.

Rabbi Dov Lipman was elected to Israel’s Knesset in January 2013, making him the first American born member of Knesset in nearly 30 years.  Since 2015, former MK Lipman has focused on Israel education both for delegations visiting Israel and abroad, and the integration of the ultra-Orthodox population into Israeli society. In June 2021, former Knesset member Lipman founded Yad L’Olim, an organization which assists new immigrants with their acclimation to Israel and lobbies the Knesset on behalf of new immigrants, their families, and global Jewry. He also serves as a political commentator for ILTV and i24news and as a columnist for the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel.